laboratory and workshop

Laboratory and Workshop

Laboratory and workshop are an integral part of an engineering college. This is the part that distinguishes an engineering college from other art or management colleges. Therefore, this is also a part, where students must attend, experiment, write reports and learn practically to answer the questions such as why and how. HIST at its premises has a set of well equipped laboratories and workshop both for civil engineering and electronics and communications engineering.. At different semesters, students have to perform various experiments in different labs.
Students aspiring to become a responsible engineer in future must understand that the laboratory, workshop, the field visits and the survey camp are the places of real learning of engineering. Further, the Project work assigned to a student during his/ her final year should be understood as an assignment to test yourself as how much of you have transformed into an engineer. If you bunk  lab, workshop and survey camp and cheat the Project work, then you should consider that you have probably shaken yourself professionally.